Pay Dues Online

Lake George Cottagers Association dues help keep Lake George, Lake George!  LGCA Dues fund items like the Lake George Breeze, Directory, Buoys, and the Lake George Patrol Boat.  The Fireworks Fund lights up our sky on Fourth of July!  Dam Maintenance helps pay for legal counsel and bi-annual inspections.  Invasive Weed Control helps keep Lake George healthy and beautiful.  And Fish Fund keeps our bobbers popping all year long!

Back in 2017, we are continuing the option of online payment for your Lake George Dues. This is a simple and easy way to electronically pay your dues online via PayPal or Credit Card.  Online payment is free, simple, and secure.

1. Click the “Pay Now” button below to get started!

2. Add your Lake George Address into the “Note to Seller” section before submitting your payment.

3. Fill out and return the LGCA Association Dues and Directory Update that was mailed to you.  Provide your updated contact info and check the box indicating that you paid online.

Note: If you already have a PayPal Account, click the “Pay Now” button above, log in to PayPal, and then select your preferred method of payment. If you do not have a PayPal Account, click the “Pay Now” button above and follow the instructions to either create an account or to pay by Credit Card.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at