Yard of the Month!

The LGCA is fortunate to represent Cottagers who are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the beauty and health of Lake George.  As homeowners, we take pride in the small slice of land we are fortunate to populate for a few months in the Summer or for the lucky few, year-round.

Starting in 2017, your LGCA Officers and Beach Directors would like to recognize those folks who take landscaping to the next level (beyond hacking down a foot of grass on Friday afternoons with a 35 year old push mower  – we’ve all been there!).  There are some real gems we’d love to showcase- yards and gardens big and small around the lake.

While there is no specific criteria to define a winner, we welcome feedback and submissions from cottagers via our Facebook Page!  The winner (and their prize yard/garden) will be recognized with our new “Yard of the Month” lawn signs, Facebook/Breeze photos and interviews, and some good old-fashioned bragging rights!  The LGCA Officers will be the judges and one lucky winner will be announced monthly from April through September.  If you don’t win this year, it doesn’t mean we didn’t notice your hard work.  You could be next!  We will keep a list of winners and will spread the fun around.  Past winners will be eligible to get the award again after a few years.  Happy pruning/planning/picking/preening/planting!