Lake George History

62“The first cottage on Lake George was built on the east side of the lake in 1855 by a group of businessmen from Fremont…while development was slow during the Civil War [the] railroad was completed in 1870…visitors could take the train all the way to Fremont and then take a horse and buggy to Lake George.”   -Excerpt from “Reflections on Lake George” published by the Lake George Cottagers Association.

Reflections on Lake George cover

This book is a fascinating look back into the history of the Lake George, from the tumultuous era of pioneer settlement in the Native American lands, to the modern times enjoying lazy summers fishing, swimming, and boating.  There are minutes from the LGCA meetings dating back to the 1920’s and interviews with Lake George elders which allow the reader to get a glimpse of what life was like on Lake George in times past.

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